Our Vision and Mission

Cloud DPO, the leading solution to convert privacy regulations to operational software services.

Our vision is to help organizations of all industries to comply privacy regulations and secure the privacy rights for all individuals.

  • Help all organizations of all industries
  • Comply privacy regulations
  • Secure the privacy rights for all individuals

Our mission is to support data officers in the organizations to adopt privacy regulations and protect data privacy in the most easy, quick, labor-saving, cost-efficient way, by using Cloud DPO.

  • Support data officers
  • Adopt privacy regulations
  • Protect data privacy
  • Easy, quick, and labor-saving, cost-efficient
  • Using software technologies

Build Your Journeys

Cloud DPO is the collaboration & control software service for successful GDPR regulations compliance programs for all organizations. It supports data officers to execute data retention process , manage RTBF and data consent requests from individuals at any moment, and enable data portability across all systems in Salesforce platform.

Data Retention

Build a data retention process to review all personal data in the organization, making sure the data needs to be acted out or able to be kept and processed


An intelligible and easily accessible form with the purpose for data processing attached to that consent

Right to be Forgotten

Enable a technical way to erase personal data in all systems without human involving

Right to Access

Provide an electronic copy of the personal data, with info about personal data being processed, where and for what purpose

Data Portability

Provide multiple system integration ways to transfer personal data across system or companies

Data Breach

A data breach incident tracking tool to reduce risk for the rights and freedoms of individuals


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