The simplest way to compliant with GDPR

CLOUD DPO can help you protect your customers' personal data by just few clicks. Cloud DPO provide data retention tool to help you work on data protection easily on Salesforce.
It is easy and highly customized!

DPO request handling console will soon to be released as well!

Increasing regulatory complexity and scrutiny by relevant authorities continues to make your business operation a major issue. Get aware of the challenges, take actions with these considerations, to ensure a privacy-friendly operations.

Continuous Challenges:

  • Revenue/profit growth issues and customer service/company reputational risks (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Regulatory assurance and effective compliance operations (Chief Operation Officer)
  • Financial, tax and accounting regulation reforms and compliance (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Legal implications of activities (Chief Legal Officer)
  • Remaining compliant in the cloud (Chief Information Officer)
  • Prevent, detect, and respond to risks of fraud, misconduct, and compliance violations (Chief Data Officer)

Implementation Considerations:

  • Business model, strategy, purpose and methods for processing personal data
  • Adjusts organization structure, and culture, to comply with new regulations
  • Educate external partners, and internal employees, to gain understands and awareness of the regulations
  • Build up a sustainable team and process for regulatory compliance
  • Get a scalable tool to quickly and easily adopt other regulations
  • The backup and archiving of personal data represent the largest area of privacy risk
  • Implementations involve blockchain technology
CLOUD DPO can help your data apply custom retention rules by just few clicks
Why Cloud DPO


Intuitive and straightforward design lead you from retention rules setup to masking.


Provide user permission setup to make sure only specific users access the portal.


Fit in your organization like native. Find target data at a blink. Customized your need anytime.